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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Peter ward


Please write

I wrote a novel


100k words

A year of self editing after finishing.

It is a fiction science book. About the theft of the single most valuable fossil skeleton ever found (a complete Gorgon); about South Africa and its politics; about the cause of the Permian extinction; about how the Permian extinction created the single greatest deposit of Uranium on Earth (true fact discovered by me and still unpublished but heart of the book, a murder mystery; about a love affair between a Cape Colored detective from Cape Town and a new PhD woman scientist from Seattle.

I have a pdf for anyone who likes a good read, but no publisher and no agent.

It was written with a movie in mind


Holly, vous avez le genre de beaute qui incite un homme a  s'elever a  l'attention.


Facebook is a curse Holly...


I just got here so I hardly have the right to tell you what to do, but I will say that blogging is way healthier that constant online social networking or e-mail addiction.

Here's a true story example: Once I logged into Facebook and my head exploded. Pieces of my brain littered Manhattan's streets (I have a huge brain). After that I decided to instead start blogging. My head never exploded again (Although you can argue that it's because my head already exploded)

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