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Saturday, March 15, 2008


great - and thanks as if i needed to now "must" try mac-n-chiz!!!

but just for the record, we didn't need Bruce Willis to know you were great at this!! You go Girl!
nice encounter though!

Miss you - see you in a couple
xoxo T


Hey Holly,

What a great meeting and a cool gift from the universe. I had something kind of similar happen recently when I was back in SF visiting friends..a chance meeting with Sean Penn. Pretty cool.

Hope you're well!

Manny Rodrigues

Great story, Htwice! For the record, I sorta look like Bruce Willis and I am quite a bit younger than he is. Maybe I need to find a hot brunette girlfriend as well.


What a great blog. :)


very cool.
I used to go to Cafeteria a lot when it first opened. I dunno why, but it was such an anomaly back then.

Nice to know Bruce eats bacon. He looks so thin all the time!

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