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Sunday, October 28, 2007


pain maagement emr

Great, we just have to always check the ingredients so we can assure it's safe.


Skin Care

The importance of keeping your skin healthy can't be overemphasized. It's the body's first defense against disease and infection, and it protects your internal organs from injuries. It is, in fact, the largest organ in the body. Skin Care Treatment helps to your body temperature and prevents excess fluid loss, and it also helps your body remove excess water and salt. Most women strive to keep their skin looking youthful.


Hey Buffy. Apparently that Boots stuff is available stateside, whadayaknow. The reviews are mixed to positive, but one woman well above the 20-something age group was very disappointed. I have a stack of stuff to try yet - courtesy of the good folks at ILAMed, after which I may go over-the-counter again. Time will tell.


Have you tried the Boots serum.

Honestly. Believe the hype.

And for that price...stock up.

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