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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Susan, Little Silver, NJ

Hello Holly from Vicki Tashman, Leslie Barron and Susan Coene. We are on the phone together now reminising. You look the same. How is that possible.

Would love to hear from you.



Hey Holly,

I don't have your email address handy but wanted to say hi and also to say how so very sorry and upset I was to hear about your sister and niece. Rebecca and Greg passed along the news from your blog and I wanted to be in touch. I know it must be a very rough time, to say the least, and I just wanted you to know that my heart is with you. I was accepting a GSA Bulletin paper today that referenced David Montgomery, I had to think of you and the book you worked on with him! I haven't been in touch with him yet, but I know he has a few papers in review.

I'm pretty sure I'll be home for Thanksgiving and would love to catch up if you're around.

I miss working for and with you!!!



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