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Tuesday, July 10, 2007



Do you have the stones to pick me up on your way to the show?! Bruno and babydaddy can do without me for the night. Miss you to pieces, C


I'm a music girl too. I've got a ton of Split Enz records. Good times!

And I had not heard about new Crowded House! Too cool. I'll have to check that out.



Your musical sensibilities are amazing :0
My brother spent a year down under and converted me to the same genre and have been blissfully living downunder (and 20 years in the past) for the past couple decades. I'll definitely dial in the new Crowded House! Thanks for the blog and hope you are as well as you look.

PS Running Philly in Nov. if you are in the neighborhood. Only have Chicago left to go for the major US marathons, then its on to the ultras and/or overseas venues. Still keeping the hell away from mountain bikes, but am riding roads these days (which might actually be more risky). What are you doing these days???


I have to give a big shout-out to Wikipedia. I lost myself for hours there, reading about the bands, the Finns, and more - funny how so many are connected to one another. But yep, so often with music, you hear it years later, and it kick-starts a specific memory - where you were, with whom. Music's like that - and I love it. I ordered the new Crowded House disk - psyched.


another lovely piece Holly. I miss you not posting so much nowadays

still struggling to get to grips with the Thomas Dolby 'Greatest Hits' cd. Must be where you saw it, who you saw it with kinda thing


I just picked up tickets to see them in Melb when they tour later in the year - despite Neil being from NZ they are considered a Melbourne band and we've adopted Four Seasons.. as a kind of theme here. I cannot wait to see them, they're an amazing band. Such a shame about Paul Hester (their drummer). :/

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