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Thursday, April 12, 2007



Ann, thanks for stopping by. I wish Jake, and his litter-mate sister, Aida, who passed about sixteen months ago, could have been with me a little while longer, but that was not meant to be. Kitty-critters are wonderful, but I think I will take a break before considering another adoption. As to the other, I wouldn't mind going off to London - even if it is one of the few more expensive cities than NYC - except that the East End in this case refers to the eastern-most towns of Long Island, yes: the Hamptons. I hope all is well with you, Ann, and if you would do me the favor, take a lingering look at the sun as it sets orange, red, and purple over the Front Range.

Ann in Boulder

Hi Holly - I was thinking of you today and came to your blog to see what was new. I'm so sorry about Jake. I remember how hard it was to let go of my beloved Miss B when she died at age 20+. I hope you enjoy your summer in London.


Michelle and Nancy, thank you both for your comments. They mean the world to me. xo


Oh Holly,

I am so very sorry for your loss. I just discovered this site after seeing you at Mary's memorial service. I read about Aida's passing and now Jake's. Dearest girl, perhaps consider another two little kitten babies? My heart breaks for you. I have two cats and am devoted to them. Crazy, isn't it?


I found your site when I did a search for John Kochansky shortly after his sudden death. He was a friend of mine in the early eighties. I enjoy your stories. Have a good weekend.

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