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Friday, August 11, 2006



I wanted to laugh at the slapstick (slap something) visual comedy of the story, but the potential ugliness and danger of the situation had me thinking "Oh my God, get him OUT of there, now". You do tell them well though, Holly. I'm recovering from too much wine (NZ sav blanc, mmm) and lotsa conversation as well this morning and your journal is a sight for sore (as in puffed up and hungover) eyes.

La Latina

I am speechless. Please let us know where you found this guy so we can all steer clear of that spot!!!


I can't believe that people like that are actually allowed to roam freely, and communicate with normal people!

What a guy.

judy bucklen

The post is hysterical and Hot Mama's comments made me laugh even more. I could see the whole thing unfolding like an episode of Seinfeld (can't you just see George standing there in his shirt??!)

But true-this could have ended badly. A lesson for all to be sure.


I had the pleasure of hearing this story in person about a month ago. Gut-busting funny with a twinge of horror. Though, I do (gv)wonder what past experience, real or virtual, posessed this man to branch out and offer the twig and berries? Could it be yet another porn addict mistaking Cali-valley fantasy for real life? For certain, there is no shame in his (tired) game.


That had me laughing out loud. I'm not sure the brain - the one encased in the skull, between the ears - was engaged. Ergo, zero thinking. So funny, ah, so funny.

Hot Momma

Hmmmmm Prostrate:
1. Lying face down, as in submission or adoration.
2. Lying flat or at full length.
3. Reduced to extreme weakness or incapacitation; overcome.

The Mercedes-Driving, Dolce & Gabanna-wearing Doctor was so incredibly ego-maniacal, he thought said NYC single woman would be prostrate (see 1) when she saw his car/clothes/hair-do that after quickly assessing the situation and realizing he was getting shut down ("going out" became "a quick drink around the corner"....there was zero attraction on her part) he became prostrate (see 3). So in a desperately pathological moment he divined a ploy to get her on equal footing... i.e. prostrate (see 2) so He GOT NAKED... EEEEOOOOWWW and it wasn't pretty. MEN: most women do not find a shirt with no pants sexy. wiggle waggling is NOT sexy. To and fro is the drunk Pee Pee dance when you want to make us laugh... not when you want to get us in bed. What was he THINKING?

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