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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


white diamonds

Mowed - maybe - taken care of yes! yes! yes!
No, no to a porn star wannabe or look alike!
However if that is your character then that's a whole other story!

Keep it viril, masculine and somewhat macho!
This might be the only occasion I'd say - show me "some" hair!


Possibly the only time the world will ever see the words "Star Wars" and "navel-to-anus" in the same piece of writing!

And I'm right with you regarding the natural guy. Unless you're Laurent Jalabert or you have a back that could be braided, leave the wax ALONE, boys.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

La Latina

Oh do I miss that weekend of Phantom of the Opera and Alexander!!! That was an amazing lazy weekend!!!!

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