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Sunday, June 18, 2006


Robert Schott

last month I attempted a blow-your-mind-out-of-the-blue message to you through this channel. Either it never delivered or you got it and thought 'that was scary' . . .

Anyway, I google friends of my past once in awhile and I thought of you and here you are. Clearly now I know what you are up to!

In a nutshell, Erika and I have 3 rather together children, 15, 12, and 10. Boy, girl, girl. Sensitive. Driven. Butterfly. W're in a nice suburban home in Cranford, NJ.

I am forcing my family to bear with me (work intensity) as I work on an invention that is really, really close to being a big deal, and then I can quit my tiresome corporate day job that sucks the life out of me. See url.

'That feeling' you artists talk about, well, for the first time in my work life I am finding it with my invention projects. I too am driven to dig deep for everything I need to make this thing happen. And it is. We are about done making, selling,and deliverying - next step is to drum up some good P.R. for exposure.

It would be fun to chat one day.
Be well.

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