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Thursday, May 18, 2006


judy bucklen

There are two sides to this issue.

I have always contended that if a man is interested-truly interested-then another woman walking up cannot "take him away."

However, there are many shallow men out there who seek a warm bed and really don't care where it comes from. Also, the more insecure men will go for the sure thing.

A woman who knows she is more attractive or flirtatious than her friend (initally-becuase looks should not be the whole story) and intentionally butts in is wrong, but she will eventually get what she deserved-a guy who was shallow and looking only at her visage.

On the other hand, if woman #1 was speaking to him for an hour and he just wasn't that interested, than it doesn't matter that #2 came up-it would have been someone else. Women need to know when someone is truly interested and when they are just passing time.

On a similar subject-it should not just be "friends" that we respect. Women have been allowing men to lie to them for the ages of time because women somehow think they are more special than the last (or in some cases current) woman this new object of their desire was with. How inappropriate. Most woman are wonderful and why would one assume that the last woman he was with was unattractive?

Yet women have been able to pit women against each other and allow men to cheat on their girlfriends or wives because they feel they are special and they will change this man.

Girls-wake up-that will not happen. Have some respect for all the women out there. We are all special and all deserve respect. Make men accountable for thier actions as we should be for ours.

kellee laser

Women... they are a tough bunch. I can't begin to pretend that I am friends with a "group" of women. That ended in seventh grade with Shelly Kirton. I was the "out" girl for a year... a year of living hell. I have one best friend who lives out of state... and then several good friends who know me as "mother" and "wife". It is my best friend who knows "Kellee"... and through her, I live vicariously. Best friends now for 10 years... best friend that I call in the middle of the night... best friend who when we both had nothing, gave more... She has always given more... in past years to the detriment of her "self". She has changed... she puts herself first... as she should in this phase of life... remember, we are no longer in seventh grade. Insecure and dysfunctional people make others the "out" girl... at least that's what my mother told me.

Back to best friend... she too relayed a similar story to yours... even read me responses to e-mails regarding this so very dramatic "event" of boy meets girl #1... boy then meets girl #2... likes girl #2 more... boy kisses girl #2. Holy crap... because girl #1 says "back off", all hell has broken loose, or the world must be coming to an end. I've never understood blogging or e-mailing as a way to communicate. Clearly, girl #1 wants to send a message to girl #2, by having girl #3 write a blog about this ever so dramatic, world ending event. What does girl #4 (that's me) say about this? You all have way too much time on your hands... me, my kids are napping and I've never blogged before so yippee. You all need to put your efforts elsewhere and spend time making someone who is beautiful, kind, giving, someone who has grown tremendously in the last 10 years and who finally puts herself first the "out girl" over some stupid guy girl #1 met for an hour. I've met more mothers who said they met their husbands while on a date with one of their friends... hell, my dad's best friend married my mother's friend while on a date with my mother. They've all been best friends for 40+ years.

Women... they are a tough bunch... especially as a group. I think I'll stick with my best friend... and avoid all the useless drama.

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