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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Joanne Sessler

Hey there HH. Great writing and the adventure continues. Why would I doubt that it wouldn't?

Looking forward to reconnecting.



"hara"? I think I know that feeling, but for me it's usually fear that rests itself below my navel. And anger. Heartache for me is heartache. A literal squeeze from my clavicle to the top of my ribcage, inclusive. Those bones ache too and feel like they want to poke through my skin and I seem to walk around with my right hand to my collar and my left arm slid under my breasts to the elbow, to keep things where they're meant to be. I've sought therapeutic relief in the past but for me, it's all about knowing it will pass. And that I'll still be here when it does. (Although some songs can leave me clutching chest and torso, and nothing I want to admit to, either).

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