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Monday, May 15, 2006



"Hannibal," you say. Thanks. I shall have to do the research and find a way to check that and Mssr. Siddig too. A girl has to have her onscreen crushes. His line in "Kingdom of Heaven:" "Perhaps...I should have had a different teacher," kills.


Yes. Hearing you re Siddig. I haven't had a big screen crush like this since Naveen Andrews took his shirt off in The English Patient (and that is a long time between drinks!).

You've got to see Siddig in the recent BBC production of Hannibal. Lots of fabulous militaristic strutting, intense hazel-eyed stares and very sexy breastplates. You may not be able to function normally for weeks after.

La Latina

Don't you just LOVE On Demand?!?!? Now, if we could just get the Beach Volleyball scene from Top Gun, I would watch it every night before going to sleep!!

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