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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Marcela Davison Aviles

Liz Maguire is, was, (hard to believe I am in the past tense here) as they say in Spanish, muy simpatica. She is the reason I have a career in the arts and theatre, and harbor the illusion that someday I'll write the great American mariachi musical theatre piece.

Liz was my comadre at Harvard -- we produced many a show together -- drank many tequila shots and pints, rejoiced in the discovery of our partners...I learned of her passing from a friend -- same thing -- the disbelief, googling her name, staring at the computer monitor in shock.

So I am here in the San Francisco Bay Area mourning from a distance and came across your blog ... it provided a connection to the community of Liz -- thanks...

HH responds: Community is important, sometimes more so in times of grief. Many thanks for your kind words.

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