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Monday, April 10, 2006


La Latina

OK-call me freaky but I do like biting, scratching and a little spanking and I don't mind the marks. Maybe these men never got a chance to experience different things in their youth and want to get it in before it is "too late".


I have to say....he was a perfect gentleman! Exposing me to a world I never knew existed, both in Jamaica and in NYC. To each his own I and let live, but leave me out of anything painful! tan lines!


Scary good questions HH.

A wise woman once told me, you shouldn't let the freak flag fly too early. Apparently, these 50 something dudes are one with their inner freak. I can't really comment on it though since I don't have any male friends in that demographic.

I gotta agree with the young man you wrote about. Springtime in New York is the best. The girl-watching gene goes berserk.

In fact, 68 degrees, I'm going outside NOW to give my eyballs a work out.



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