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Tuesday, March 07, 2006



The question isn't whether these men have had bad sex, but rather, would they admit having bad sex to you, let alone, any woman. The male biological imperative would have us put forth a positive answer/advertisement for sex as one could never know the questioners true intentions. Who wants to be known as the guy who has bad sex, given the fault may be perceived as his? The horror. It doesn't take working out a Nash equilibrium to conclude this. It's equivalent to asking a man about his penis size - amazing how nobody is below average.

That said, under the guise of pseudo-anonymity, I've not only had bad, but awful and woefully average sex. We can't all bat 1000.

HH responds: The thing about the young-ish man who told his story - as given in Bad Sex - is that he appeared to be so comfortable in his own skin that he could relate it with relative equanimity. If anything, his candor made him appealing. That's the point. Like men who don't have size issues, he was open - and I wonder if that is a function of age.

White Diamonds

So, after this, Ive been nonchalantly asking around, out of curiosity to all generations, all flavors...

Well, it seems as if, in the first place, a man will never say there is such a thing as bad sex! "Hey if you have something to bang! It's a bang! In and out and you're done!"
Unlike us women, we take so much more into account!
But as an afterthought, some have admitted(!) to having had bad sex.
One said, "You know, the ones you regret, where you feel guilty!!!"

So that, that was a surprise! Since when men have guilt!?
Or better yet, since when do they admit it!?

HH responds: Superb insight. Superb.

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