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Thursday, January 26, 2006


surfer girl

ok i am posting a comment to the "ode to surfer girl". i must say i am hilarious. i had only exchanged maybe 2 sentences with holly upon meeting her for the first time at tavern on the green. i know i made an impression when she first looked at me. meanwhile simon was introducing (which is now my claim to fame besides my stomach that most of the meat packing district has seen thanks to my #1 fan liz t jr.) as the crazy surfer girl and has a megaphone. you will have to pleasure of me entertaining you at at the next holly party. no sketch, i add lib everything. ask liz t. jr when i helped her move in. she thought i was joking when i said a carry a megaphone in my car to yell at people and i have cleared traffic one night at 10:30pm b/c it has a siren. my sister was on the phone and said i was going to get arrested and i told her there was no way since i am the middle of a cluster fuck of cars. the people's faces were priceless when passed them laughing. when i get my show on comedy central i think i am going to introduce every skit in it. ok holly get more of emails, i hope you saved the list of future careers i was thinking about.

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