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Friday, January 06, 2006



Burn our boxers, hell ya! Been California for a long time. Prefer it to 100% organic cotton or even the best silk. Yet another reason to leave the hair where it belongs...

But speaking of finery, help me with the thong. God, it can't be comfortable. Can't be much more than a perma-wedgy. Now, from a male perspective, a thong sneaking up above the hip huggers does turn an eye and provoke the magma. So, like low cut tops that flaunt deep chasms to accent the chest, is it all about enticement??? And if so, like the blow job, does it dissappear after "I do" (AKA, "I don't have to anymore!")

Holly, thanks for giving us Spawn of the Spawn, almost as good as the original!

Holly Hodder


Barber of Seville

When men comment upon women's vast array of personal hygiene rituals and cosmetic elective surgeries (hair coloring, mud masks, fake nails, colored contacts, hair weaves/extensions, eyebrow plucking/waxing/threading, leg shaving, breast augmentation/reduction, botox, push up bras, girdles, high heel shoes, tummy tuck, liposuction, glutal implants, cologen injections, nose jobs, etc.), they get branded misogynists mixed in with some response about women's right to reclaim ownership of the female form. A fair observation. Rather than open up the laundry list of personal enhancement techniques to debate, let's avoid the misandry and afford men the same right to own their bodies ladies - it's not always about you. Let's burn our boxer briefs! ;-)

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