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Thursday, January 05, 2006



When Magma cools its brittle, hard, lifeless, and not easily walked upon. Over time, surprising little time, it becomes the fertile bed from which all things grow anew...


Yes, stay tuned for more Datomantrix stories. I have a fresh one from last night. To answer an earlier comment, yes, I provoke the responses by calling their bluff. As for GV, I thought that was our little secret....oh how sweet it was. xoxo Lovingly submitted, D.


I've been hit by that kissing bandit in the past - she skulks in like a minx, ravages you like a lioness, and disappears like vapor. Everyone should be so lucky.

Holly Hodder

Ah, CJ, it's as if you have anticipated the next post, or the post thereafter. For indeed, the Datomantrix is quite the provocateur. Stay tuned.


So do tell.....

What's a "sharp, albeit tactful" comment from the datomantrix? Can you give us an example of what she might actually say to provoke such hostile comments?

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