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Monday, January 23, 2006



Is this the Holly I met in Belmar, circa 1975?

Holly Hodder

To Liz. D'accord. C'est tres intelligent, commes tu, ma belle.

Liz Jr.

Hmmm Indeed.... don't we all have pretty interesting shoes though?! At least That's how and why i have so many and have become ADDICTED to those! I mean, somtimes i say (ok everytime i see a killer pair of shoes) I'm single, and ready to mingle i might aswell indulge and get a new pair, and who knows!? I'll meet the prefect guy intouch with his feminine side that will notice the "killer shoes" and stike up a conversation!? Why not? it's happened before! (but he ended not really knowing he was gay!!!!) But i imagine myslef going shoe shopping with that imaginary prefect gentlman who will fantasise over the shoes we are picking out together!!!!!!

After all the best shoe designers are Male!? or pretty much!
(which leads me to wonder why!? as they don't wear the stiletto heels nor know the pain they can be!

Anyhow, in french they say; "il vaut mieux etre seule que mal accompagné!" Which is: better be alone than in bad company!

We only live this life ounce, why waist time with meaningless conversations with uninteresting individuals when you could be shopping and spending your rent on Fab shoes!!!!

But then chinese say that " le bonheur vient des pieds" (happiness comes from the feet) so if you are comforatble in your shoes, a well designed heel (cost: $600) is justified as you'll feel good, sexy and HAPPY = sends good vibes out and attarcts good company!!!!!!!

SEE!? it's all makes sense!
Glad you have made a wise decision.

-Where are these man that appreciate women's shoes???

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