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Thursday, January 19, 2006



I know this subject has been posted so many times. I have searched and I just keep getting more confused. I know not to phone from the hotel. I know to phone from a payphone. I phoned our phone company here and they said to go to Wal Mart and buy a[url=] international phone card[/url]. I saw 2 different types at Wal Mart, sorry, can't remember what the names where. Has anyone had any experience buying a phone card here in Canada and then using it in Mexico? Thanks for all your useful advise, fellow "Tripadvisors". The postings on this site have provided me with a wealth of useful information.


Happy Birthday!!! (Sorry I am a few days late... I would have loved to celebrate your birthday with you).

One word- Impressionable.

You definetely leave people with something to remember about you where ever you go, and whomever you meet. It's a great thing to be remembered.



The woman so nice, we call her H-Twice! Happy Birthday! I miss my slice of home out here in Colorado.






Holly...Please have a day as special as you are...

Liz T. Jr.

Ok, listen....
it's a hard one, like me i'm sure some are still looking up words to match you up with!
As soon as i got your mail, i went online to look up translation from french as all the complex descriptives came up in my native language.... and the answers weren't comprable to the french intensity! French is so much more complex, so much richer (nothing against english - just simpler!!!) But the point is that there isn't ONE word to describe you!

So i'm working on making up one that would equal to you... I'm on it! It might go along the lines of....Thighighllicioustasticmagnummonumentalistic!

Joyeux Annnnniversssssaire


Hmmm. One word. Just one? Okay, then. Irrepressible. As in...a great burst of irrepressible joy. Or, an irrepressible sense of humor.

How about a derivative?

She is, after all, irrepressibly beautiful.

Happy Birthday.

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