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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


surfer girl

uhhh i'm drunk b/c i'm celebrating the first monday of the week. a fellow surfer buddy of mine came into to town so we had a quiet dinner, bottle of wine and then some at voyage in my hood to catch up. i know i am suppose to comment about the article but i am surfer girl and i do what i want. its not my fault my parents sent me to a catholic school which made me reblellious, its all their fault. so i am starting my new business called sufergirlism which is a new religion. i think religion is better than microsoft. all those intrested can email me for the first 6 commandments i came up with today during work. most basic rule of the religion: its all about surfergirl. ok lets start by bowing down and worshiping thee. love that, thank you. tomorrow you will be giving a bible. by the way porn, adultry, gambling, drinking, drugging, abortion and any kind of debacle is allowed in my religion. i knew that would grab your attention. sign up now or you won't make it through my pearly gates. the question is, will i be laughing when you die......that all depends on how faithful you are. so call to gain a one class ticket to eternal happiness. thank you for your support and no tom cruise is not involved in this new business. i would never associate myself with psychos. good night and pleasent dreams.

love your pagan goddess,
surfer girl

La Latina

It was nice and easy. I wish every night was like that. Thanks Holly for making it nice and easy for me since I met you. You have been my lifeline querida!!!!

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