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Friday, December 02, 2005


propecia online

It was great day to remember my dear lady

Manny Rodrigues

Black Hawk Down was the first military recount written in the modern information age meaning the author had full access to the audio and video of the event, or so I was told, making it the most realistic and accurate account of a military operation to date. One of my close friends and fraternity brothers (same guy) served with some of those brave Rangers before he moved on to Special Forces. Rangers lead the way, and brave men like those in that book are why we have the ability to do as we pretty well please here in the USA.


Hey, be careful -- The Depilitator could be a pedophile (shaving just makes him fit in with the kiddies)

Holly Hodder

Kerndog, you so nailed it. This topic has spawned so many reactions and conversations. It has legs, if not hair. As for me, I know now that I prefer a man to look like a man, to smell like a man (but not overripe mind you), and to feel like a man. Trimmed, neat, and clean, but keep it real. I won't do bald.


LOVED this story!!! It has spawned countless conversations for me and my friends... (even this morning - as the Trailheads returned from our early pre-work 8 mile single track romp through the woods to our favorite coffee house, we cirecled back on the subject for the members who hadn't partaken in the conversation after the Saturday run. One even brought in the NYT magazine article about genital cosmetic surgery, as it touched on the topic of shaving several times and, OK, so he has a truly single-track mind).

Through all of the discussions its become more and more clear that this is a generational issue. The sub-30s (or still act that way)shave and don't lift an eyebrow at the notion -- in fact, "burnt-buns" says its uncommon to come across a natural young man these days (pardon the pun). And, those in their 40+ don't and find it surprising (and strange) both to hear about it and to hear how prevalent it is in the younger circles. So, my guess is that The Depilitator is just trying to hang on to his youth (and perhaps has done some serious dating down).

Anonymous L

I stick to my original comment: If I have to suffer through a Brazilian, they can at least shave a little!!!

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