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Holly Hodder, book editor and publishing executive for the last 20 years, specialized in quality non-fiction books. She left the corporate world to devote herself to writing, freelance editing, and film production. Born in Fontainebleau, France, she spent her childhood years in Okinawa and Bamberg, Germany, graduating as a Newhouse Scholar from Syracuse University. A devoted Francophile and amateur geologist, she lives in a loft in New York City with one narcoleptic cat.


I am forty-something-single in my hometown, never married, no kids - kind of a path "less traveled." Many same-age girlfriends and guyfriends are settled into long-term relationships. Others are married once, twice, three times, or more. Some are single for the first time or for the third. Some have grown children, others share custody. Still, it seems to me that living the single life in this city-of-all-cities provides an endless source of fascination for those in its midst, as well as for those who watch from across the rivers and beyond. I tell folks that I could go out every day, every night, and return home with a new story. It's rich like that. When not writing and editing, I am busy with friends and our endless social schedules. I keep a car in the city, and jet up to the Palisades to hike the Peanut Falls-Giant Stairs loop, or drive out to the Northwest Woods of East Hampton to work on writing projects. Daily workouts keep me centered. Running country back roads clears my head, and helps me in my quest to stay present and pay attention.